The President's Message

March 2003

Andy Toth

The CIPCUG CD set was completed for the February General Meeting. Sixty copies were sold at the meeting, with 89 members in attendance. There are about 50 copies remaining. "The Secret Guides" are sold out. In putting the CD together, I visited a number of interesting sites. If nothing else check the links out in the Readme files.

We are starting to seriously search for an alternate meeting place. The Freedom Center will cost approximately $300 per meeting, starting in September. Jim Burke has volunteered to take the lead on this effort. This is a lot of work for one person. Meeting places for meetings and SIGs are crucial to the club's survival. I hope to assemble a committee to search out a meeting place to host about 150 persons. It involves making phone calls to follow up or search out possibilities.

The TOE and User Discount pages are now password protected. It will be announced at the next few meetings and will be given to new members. It can also be obtained by sending an e-mail to any Executive Board Member. I will try to update these as it has been a few months since I checked them. If anyone has any problems with these pages please contact me or the webmaster.

I found the presentation on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act very interesting. There are still a lot of unanswered questions even among knowledgeable persons. This is a topic and area that will continue to change rapidly in the near future. Protection of copyrighted material is important to each of us. Being overly paranoid about it is hard to understand. Large profits on a CD are a bit hard to rationalize. My fear is that eventually I will never own anything or have the right to own anything. There's just not enough profit in ownership. Everything I have/use will be leased. Software is already heading in that direction.