The President's Message

March 2000

Another month has past since our last newsletter. Club members, officers and volunteers are busy putting together thoughts and words into articles for the TOE. I would like to call your attention to some of these people. We should express our appreciation for their efforts. Some of the contributors are: Helen Long, our Web Mistress who also writes a monthly column. Laura Pacheco, our new secretary who writes up a report of the general meeting, the Q. & A and the monthly board meeting as well as assisting with advertising, all time consuming tasks. Our newsletter editor, John Weigle writes articles and software reviews and also takes care of mailing the TOE. Some of our regular contributors to monthly articles are: Jim Thornton, Bob de Violini, Maureen Harte, Stan Ranson, Dick Chaiclin, Toby Scott, Len and Trish Zakas and many more have contributed numerous articles and software reviews. Without these contributions, our newsletter would be probably less than half as large and informative as it is. We always welcome more contributors!

We are in the process of updating are club member e-mail addresses. Club officers and chairpersons need them for informing the membership of things that come up on short notice that would be too late for the next newsletter etc. and for helping line up volunteers for various projects. Remember, this is your club and we need your help, too. If you find your name on the following list, it means we do not have your correct e-mail address. Please send an e-mail to me at Subject: my email. Please type your name in the body of the text. This method will work better than people writing them out long hand. My wife Arline will update the list for all concerned. Here's the list:

A-C:Armstrong, Bob; Arriola, Kirby; Ashby, Kandi; Bailey, Carl; Bartels, Pat; Barton, Warren; Beardshear, Paul; Berger, Bill E.; Bircher, Andrea; Birkenshaw, J.J.; Blass, Hildegard; Breault, Randy; Buchanan, John; Burger, Lou; Burger, M.D., Dr. William; Burton, Alfred; Cabrera, Gilberto; Campbell, Gordon; Cantarini, Billy; Carter, Steve; Carwin, Paul L.; Cinque, Mark; Colter, Harold; Couch, Loyd; Craig, Wallace.

D-G: Daily, John; Darnielle, Jack; DeMagri, Oscoe; Deibert, Albert; Denes, Jr., Alexander; Detrick, Harry; Dinsmore, Bob; Durocher, Ernie; Erickson, Elden; Fottler, Jef; Guedel, John; Guess, John; Guyton, Wayne.

H-K: Helton, Charles; Hernandez, Susan & Anselmo; Hickman, Richard; Hosford, Victor; Houle, Robert; Housley, Mitrzi; Hughes, Jim; Jackson, Rusty; Jeffreys, Robert; Johnson, Barbara; Johnson, Karen L; Johnson, Richard; Kelly, Bob; Kelly, Charles; Kelly, Jean; Kelly, Scott; Kleeburg, Hank; Krinsky, Richard; Kurowski, H. "Ski".

L-N: LaHue, Philip; Laninghan, Lynn; Larraburu, Phillippe; Lee, Bill; Lee, David; Lee, Michael; Leighton, Charlie; Lewis, Simone; Livingston, Robert; Magallanes, C.B.; Malinowski, Roy; Malloy, Gene; Manning, Don; Mansfield, Arthur; Marcovitz, Morton; McCoy, Tim & John; Meeker, Kirsten & Mary; Menees, Ralph; Mickey, Barbara A.; Mori, Ken; Mulligan, Champ C.; Muskat, Vel; Neunuebel, Bob; Nichols, John; Norris, Lorraine; Nunez, Thomas.

P-S: Parman, Bill; Peck, Jeri; Perko, John; Perschbacher, Paul; Persons, Gordon; Pittman, Barbara & Herman; Provenza, Richard A.; Reynolds, Ann; Romine, Ned; Sexton, Christine & Thomas; Shobe, Ivan; Simmons, Gene; Skeeters, Cline & Ann; Skultety, Tony; Smith, Bill; Solorzano, Frank; Stallman, Betty; Stanek, Jerry.

T-Z: Tafoya, Ray; Tanner, Henry; Taylor, Audrey; Teitzell, Leonard; Tiffany, Dora; Valentine, H.W.; Volpe, Victor; Vonwicklen, Will; Wall, Sinclair; Wallace, Sandra; Westefer, Paul; Widney, Fred; Williams, Shirley; Willson, Martin; Wilson, Dave ® Joan; Wilson, April; Wilson, Woody; Wise, Bonnie; Wood, Bart; Wright, Don; Yates, Jeffrey; Zaas, Robert; Zapf, D.P.M., Michael; Zilm, Charles.

If you are new and do not have an ISP or have an ISP and are considering changing, think about the possibility of using Cybernet Business Professionals. The cost is only $15.00 per month (after initial setup charge of $15.00) and you are billed quarterly there after at $45.00 a quarter. Cybernet Business Professionals allows us to keep $5.00 per member per month in exchange for maintaining the bookkeeping and providing technical support by our own members. Another advantage is there is no advertising screens to go through.