The President's Message

February 2020

by Ed Lynch

Established 1987

The State and future of CIPCUG

The Treasurer’s January 2020 financial report should wave huge red flags for everyone in this organization.

2019 Expenses

This makes it very clear that the future of this organization is on a short string... So what’s the plan?

Some obvious solutions are to increase membership, cut expenses, raise funds or shut down...

Increase membership

In order to increase membership we would have to do some serious outreach to local tech organizations, companies, or local colleges... posting meetings in local newspapers has a very limited exposure. To do that we need ideas, information and member support. Talk up this group at work, at other groups you belong to, where you hang out and talk to people.

Thanks to John’s expertise and talent, we have an award-winning newsletter. Take some copies and leave them at a library or group meeting. Tell a board member about a company you know or other group that we could reach out to; names and contacts are really useful. Board members do as much as they can, but they are few and members are many more. We have to sell what this group has to offer, and it has a lot to offer to people who need answers to digital tech questions that cannot be found anywhere else... I learn stuff at every meeting from the pros answering the questions and the questions members bring to the meeting.

Cut expenses

There are not too many expenses that we can adjust. The rent for the space we use is the only substantial expense that could be reduced if we could find another venue that is less expensive. I’m not that familiar with Camarillo, but a meeting room at the Ventura library goes for $25 for four hours. There must be some community meeting room possibilities in Camarillo. Please tell a board member about any possibility you are aware of, or any other possibilities.

    Ed Lynch