The President's Message


James Brown

"Promoting the Harmony of Computer Education, and Camaraderie"

Hello Everybody.
We are now in the month of February-where one of the holidays that we celebrate is Valentine's Day-a day devoted to the higher ideal of Love and respecting the higher qualities of our inner spirit.. You might wonder why I am beginning this column with those words. I felt that I should begin this writing this evening because an issue was brought to the attention of your board after the last meeting.

A member of our group alerted the board about a section in the book we have been promoting- "The Secret Guide to Computers" contains a section in the book entitled "Tricky Living." It is the Trick living section which troubled our member. This section also troubled our board members. This section of the book contains material which some may find troublesome. The author writes about subjects that do not have anything to do with computers. In reading this section I believe the author (who is also the publisher) has written information, expressed opinions, and written jokes many of which I have already seen in e-mails sent to me. Here I believe the author is an equal opportunity offender. It is as though he has seen so much of emails, etc that he has become desensitized to the possible feelings of others. The conclusion is that this section does not belong in the guide. If he wanted to create a joke book, or express ideas fine, but this section does not belong in this book.

We have utilized this guide in the past for a number of reasons: it contains useful information on computers; other computer ssociations have recommended the book therefore we see it as a benefit for our members, and finally we used this as a fund raising device for our treasury. We did not suspect that anything would be different with this edition of the guide.

Our response is to apologize to any of you that may find the section "tricky Living" troublesome. It is my hope that you can ignore that section. Secondly we will contact the author and advise him of our feelings and suggest that in the future he writes about the subject in his guide-in this case-computers. We will also write to our larger regional computer associations and advise them of our concerns.

I hope that you might relate instead to my opening words in this column-to focus on the higher qualities of the human spirit, to realize that any discomfort we may feel-is how we relate to the subject, so we may have to look inward and to practice forgiveness.

On another subject- I found a handy tool-the Microsoft Fix-it Center which is a free download and with your input will advise and correct many possible issues if your computer is not working correctly. Reminds me of some of the things Norton 360 might do. I hope you will all attend our next meeting on the 25th. Until then be happy. Jim Brown