The President's Message

February 2008

Paul Westefer

Help us to help you. As announced in the January meeting, CIPCUG is returning to a previous practice. For your convenience, cards on which you can write your questions for Toby, Mike or a guest speaker will be available at the sign-in desk.

Using a card will help you to phrase your questions more precisely on the problems you have encountered. Retain the card, and when you want to indicate you have a question, raise your hand.

When you receive the microphone read the question from your card.

When you return the microphone, also hand the card to that person.

Questions and answers are audio taped and published in the CIPCUG newsletter.

The most difficult part of transcribing these tapes is trying to understand what is being said. The voice may be inaudible or the terms that are used may not be familiar. This requires the secretary transcribing the tape to back up one or more times, and some words may never be understandable. Having a written card will help reduce this time-consuming process.

If you have knowledge regarding a problem under discussion, or if you have a follow-up question on the same subject, raise your hand. When you are recognized, please WAIT FOR THE MICROPHONE.

For some additional tips on asking questions, see the Editor’s corner on page 16 (Feb. 2008 TOE.

John Weigle