The President's Message

February 2007

Lois Evans de Violini

I was both pleased and somewhat surprised by how well the online Corel program went. With travel budgets for presenters becoming tighter and tighter and, in some cases, no longer in existence, online presentations seem to be the wave of the future. I'm glad that our first try worked so well. We had a large audience (more than 100 people present), and all clearly appreciated the presentation. The one tiny glitch of having to use a cell phone for the presenter to hear the questions asked by our audience cause only a minor inconvenience. We heard him fine!

Again the disk with free programs and updates was so popular that it sold out. More copies will be prepared and available at our next meeting. The club needs some more people to help set up for the meetings. To help, you need to come early (8 a.m.) before the start of our first SIGs. Thanks in advance for your help.

In an effort to provide a more personal service to members, we are planning some "Quick Fix" sessions. Rick Smith has agreed to help individual members on an appointment basis with their computer problems. Watch for details on the Web site. These "Quick Fix" sessions will run concurrently with the Q&Amp;A session (9:45-11 a.m.) The name "Mini Repair Shop" was chosen. These sessions will provide diagnostics, quick fixes and/or recommendations for solving more complex problems. If possible, it will start in February or March. If successful, it could be held quarterly.

It's that time of year again when our officers are up for re-election. I have appointed a nominating committee of three, Arline and George Lakes (e-mail: and Paul Westefer ( If any of you would like to run for any office, please contact a member of this nominating committee. The president is elected for two years and can not serve a consecutive term. It has been my pleasure to be your president for the last two years. Now it is time for a new president. Please step forward and help. It's not a lot of work, and sometime it's fun. Come join us and help find new ways to help your fellow computer friends!