The President's Message


Lois Evans de Violini

I have heard from a few members about whether we should cut expenses by producing TOE only electronically or continue with the paper copy and raise dues. The consensus is that most responders like having a paper copy TOE to read and would be willing to pay more in dues to continue to have the paper copy. Only one person felt that the electronic-only TOE would be best. BUT I've not heard from many members. If you haven't responded because you feel either way would be fine, I need to know that, too. So please e-mail me at

We have had a chance to obtain some "Video Professor" presentations. So our next beginners' morning SIG on Saturday, Feb. 25, will use one of these presentations. The first session of a three-part presentation talks about the desktop interface, the elements and content of a window, the taskbar, the sun button, file folders, saving documents, and the control panel. Each session after the first is a little more advanced. This is very basic material, so if you are a beginner and confused by the computer, this session is for you.

If you have a little time and would like to help keep your user group viable and interesting, there are two jobs that need to be filled. We need a librarian and a SIG coordinator. Neither job takes a lot of time. But both the librarian and the SIG coordinator provide a service important to our members, and your help would be very much appreciated.