The President's Message

January 2015

by Sandy Tsutsui-Trujillo, President

Established 1987

"Promoting the Harmony of Computer Education, and Camaraderie"

(Immediate Past President James Brown is substituting for President Sandy Tsutsui-Trujillo this month. — Editor)

Our December meeting was very good on many levels. Our meeting space was full. Our members attended with friends and relatives, which required that we had to put out more chairs. We had door prizes provided by our guest speaker, a good array of raffle prizes, some of which we purchased for the raffle and a greater number provided by Bart Kaslow, who researches programs and books, many for review, which seems to provoke a lot of interest. The number of raffle tickets sold helped greatly in covering our expenses, which included a small payment to our speaker. This is only the second time we did this, but I believe she was worth it. She is a very good speaker and her subject matter having to do with Ancestry held everyone’s interest and prompted many questions. I look forward to another time when she will speak to us.

In addition, the Q&A handled by Toby and Michael was interesting — after a bit, Michael took over, and Toby took a seat and let Michael carry on. So I think Toby received a gift of rest.

We had good food, plenty of raffle items, an interesting speaker and subject matter and a good atmosphere prevailed. A nice way to end the year.

Some sad news: President Sandy Tsutsui-Trujillo lost her aunt about a week before our meeting. We send our condolences. These thing are always tough, especially when they occur during the holiday season.

Next month we again will meet on the fourth Saturday of the month, Jan. 24, 2015;
See you all then.
-Jim Brown, DC, CAN

Happy computing!