The President's Message

January 2013

by Jim Brown, President

Happy New Year! This is the time when we attempt to change our habits and reach new goals. I offer a few ideas for your consideration which relate to your computer club.

I will wear a smile and happily greet everyone in attendance.

I will wear my name tag -- this allows others to know who I am, and we can greet each other by name (this also helps Ken Church, our membership chairman, in many ways).

I will use the microphone when asking questions of the tech advisers or program presenters, which will help John Weigle as he transcribes the meeting.

I will listen intently to the Q&A and the program presentation -- as a matter of courtesy, and, who knows, I may pick up some little gem I can use in the future.

I will purchase a few raffle tickets as this helps the club finances.

I will buy a cup of coffee and socialize with members I have just met.

I will stay for the program presentation for the reasons expressed above and because it is respectful of our guest.

I will make suggestions to the board members that may have a positive effect on the operation of the computer club. In this issue of TOE is a survey. Please fill it out and bring it to our meeting. We want to hear from you. And finally I will try to arrive at the meetings on time (this one is for me!).

Looking forward to seeing you at our meeting on Jan. 26 (the fourth Saturday of January).

Happy computing!