The President's Message

January 2009

Paul Westefer

The New Year is here, and CIPCUG has several new events planned. A new class, Computing 101, will begin at the February meeting for members who have recently acquired Vista and current users who have questions related to Vista. The class will be held in the room next to the general meeting room beginning at 8:45 a.m.

All of the CIPCUG Flash Drives with updated freeware discs available at the December meeting were sold out. More will be available at the January meeting.

A new brochure for distribution to potential new CIPCUG members will be available early in the year. The brochures are valuable for the information they provide, but you, the members, are the best means of recruiting new members.

In a year when many computer clubs lost members, Ken Church reported that CIPCUG ended the year with 234 members.

We will continue to cooperate with APCUG and computer clubs in our area on programs of mutual interest.

Our "clean up, tune up" sessions continue to be popular. One will be scheduled as soon as Toby and Rick can fit it into their busy schedules. These are a real bargain. I received an e-mail today offering a lesser session for $50.

All of the events, old and new, in the coming year require volunteers willing to give their time to keep CIPCUG a helpful source for all of our members.

In May the election of members of the Board of Directors takes place. Each member of the board has specific duties. In addition, the board appoints members to other non-board positions.

The names of the current office holders appear on page 2 of TOE. The term of the president is limited to two years and will end this year. If you are interested in any of the positions listed in TOE or would like to recommend someone, contact a member of the Board of Directors