The President's Message

January 2008

Paul Westefer

As reported in the December meeting, Martha Churchyard's health will not permit her to continue as secretary for CIPCUG. Martha has done an excellent job. We thank her and wish her a speedy recovery.

The position of secretary is very important to the club. It provides information, through the club newsletter, on the Internet Sig, the Q and &, the business meeting, and the board meeting for members who are unable to attend a monthly meeting. David Minkin provides tapes of the monthly meeting, which reduces the need for extensive note taking by the secretary. Please contact any of the board members for further information. My home telephone number is (805) 984 7722.

Remember, in January we return to the regular schedule of the FOURTH Saturday of the month. January seems a good time to mention some of the plans the board is undertaking for 2008. We hope to resume a Beginners SIG on XP as early as January at the same time as the Internet SIG. We will continue to monitor the number of members with Vista. At the present time, there are not enough to merit a training SIG.

We are continuing to look for a location where Michael Shalkey can resume his post-monthly meeting SIGs.

Craig Ladd has been a magician producing speakers when more companies are doing fewer user group presentations. Toby Scott has volunteered to give presentations. If you have any specific subjects you would like more information on please let us know. For example, you might like to have a presentation on what to look for and what to avoid when purchasing a new computer or other hardware. Toby and Gene Barlow have both reported seeing computers where the owner has purchased far more capacity than would ever be used.

We might also have a session where we call on members to describe an interesting but not well-known Web site they have found.

We will also have cards available at the sign-in table on which questions for the Q&Amp;A session can be written. This will make it easier for Toby and Michael to understand the question and formulate an answer.