The President's Message

January 2007

Lois Evans de Violini

Did anyone find that your copy of Quicken 2004 release 3 or earlier didn't work after Jan. 1? If so, there is a quick fix. Go to, follow the screens for your version of Quicken and update your release of Quicken 200? to the latest release of the same version. Intuit encourages you to use the Web site, and it is better to do so because if you call Intuit for help, they will want your credit card and ask for $24.75 before they'll talk to you.

Hope you all had great holidays and are ready to start a new year. The disk that Toby prepared with free programs and updates was so popular that it sold out. More copies will be prepared and available at our next meeting.

2007 is the year of Vista. When I first started beta testing Vista, I didn't realize that Vista came in different flavors - in fact, I didn't realize it until someone on the Microsoft end of the helpline asked me to tell him which beta version of Vista I was calling about. Until then I'd only heard about the Vista I was running, which was Vista Ultimate.

Since then, I've done some exploration and tried to determine whether or not any of the other flavors of Vista would be better for me. Here's what I've found out. Vista Ultimate ($399, upgrade $259) is the high end and supposedly for the tech-enthusiast (maybe me) or the gamer (not me.) It is supposed to combine the features of both the Home Premium edition and the Business edition. I have business applications. I also wanted the music, great video etc. offered in the Home Premium edition ($239, upgrade $159.) My music was great, and I had had only minor inconveniences until I had trouble with a hard drive. After the hard drive got fixed, all my music went away. Rick and the Microsoft technicians could not get my music back. Whatever was wrong required a complete reinstall of Vista. Now I have great music again. But after the reinstall, I can't reinstall the 2006 nonprofit edition of QuickBooks.

But I digress - back to the flavors of Vista. The least expensive Vista Home Basic ($199, upgrade $99.95) is advertised as for the Home user who wants only to browse the Web, use e-mail, and write a letter or two. If all you want to do on your computer is browse the Web, use e-mail and write a letter or two, don't buy any Vista. Save your money. XP will do all you want and more and do it on less expensive hardware. Just be sure you have a good security program. I have concluded that I have the right flavor of Vista for me. But still, I am reminded almost daily that Vista is beta and not yet reliable enough for me to depend upon it!