The President's Message


Lois Evans de Violini

As you will read in the summary of the board minutes of our December meeting, we are concerned about the fact that the club expenses over the long haul are exceeding our revenue by a small amount each year. Clearly there is no immediate danger, but it would seem prudent to start looking at ways to either reduce expenses or increase income. Two suggestions were made that need to have your input. How would you feel about having the TOE delivered only by e-mail or download - no paper copy? Or would you rather pay more in dues and continue to have a paper copy mailed to everyone? Let me have your thoughts and ideas on this subject.

Bill Snyder, one of our longtime members, had an interesting e-mail conversation with Jacob Komar, who was mentioned in the Ventura County Star on Tuesday, Dec. 6, as one listed in the Hall of Fame for Caring Americans for his work in recycling and distributing computers to needy kids. Bill pointed out to Jacob, who is just 13, that it often seems as if some prospective recipients (schools, etc.) of donated computers don't want anything less than a Pentium III or IV. But often it's an older working machine that is available for donations.

Jacob replied as follows: "We work with individuals who are more than happy to get almost ANYTHING. However, because of our need to have Internet access, and to be able to run newer software, we usually do not take anything less than Pentium II's. We do take some Pentium I's. There are recipients in foreign countries who will take much older computers. We are not working any of them at this time."

Maybe there are some club members who would like to get involved in a similar activity or have a computer that they might like to donate. Jacob's Internet address is: