The President's Message

September 2019

by Ed Lynch

Established 1987

Perhaps no technology has had greater impact on the world than the smart phone. A recent article on Bloomberg Businessweek website has some incredible interactive charts that illustrate the reach of this new technology and its rapid adoption by the world's population.

The heart and key to that explosion is the Google OS Android, developed by Google to counter the rise of Apple's OS and iPhone. So between Google and Samsung, and a huge Chinese market hungry for modern technology, a new technology behemoth was born that has changed the world in ways never imagined by those who created it. Of course, the fact that Google was providing it for free to smart phone manufacturers didn't hurt. The access to the digital world once provided only by the computer, for those technically sophisticated enough, was now available to a greater population in the form of a portable handheld device that fit in your shirt pocket with even more avenues to more places in the digital world.

Buckminster Fuller exposited that to change the world create a new tool that is superior to an existing tool, and it will be adopted by all those who will experience the greater benefit. The smart phone is a textbook case of that principle. For many the smart phone has replaced the computer and provides digital access to the world wherever and whenever it is needed that has enough cellphone towers, so, yes, a lot of infrastructure is required that drives even more technology.

The next leap is 5G. How much do you know and understand about 5G technology?

    Ed Lynch