The President's Message

August 2019

by Ed Lynch

Established 1987

Google and YouTube can not do it all for those who have questions about computers, internet, smart phones, technology, etc..CIPCUG has answers from real people, but the board and our volunteers can only do so much. Get the word out to all your friends and co-workers, and any neighborhood tech companies that you have any reason to be in touch with. Let us know about anyone we should be in touch with to let them know who we are, what we have to offer, and how we do it. CIPCUG is unique and the only computer tech support group in the county. We are the best game in town, and not enough people are getting the word about us. Let us know how we can do that better.

The state of the computer world changes more rapidly each day. Many of us were here when a 4k processor was state-of-art, cutting edge technology. Today is so far beyond that it's almost as if it is on a different planet. Keeping up with all those changes is next to impossible, but is an exciting challenge and worth the effort.

We as a group are fortunate to have the knowledge and talent of people with extensive backgrounds and knowledge in this highly technical field who answer our questions and bring new information to our attention each month. Take advantage of this amazing resource and share it with everyone you know. TOE itself is a goldmine of information about the state of the computer world. It is produced by our hardworking Newsletter Editor John Weigle, a career journalist and community advocate. John participates in a number of other interest groups in the area and has a really full plate. We need more people to be involved in producing our newsletter and sharing the load with John. Talk to a board member and let us know what you are interested in and what CIPCUG can do to expand your knowledge.

    Ed Lynch