The President's Message

July 2019

by AEd Lynch

Established 1987

Since my first meeting a few years ago I have been impressed by how well the board members and volunteers keep this group going. It has been a source of information and answers every meeting thanks to the awesome technical knowledge of Toby and Michael. whether it's about computers, internet, or smart phones I walk away learning something each time, so I'm pleased to become a part of this team and look forward to doing what I can to keep this group moving along to greater knowledge of the technology so many of us have been involved with since the very beginning.

I have used computer-based technology, main frame and mini, since the early '70s in programmer, analyst and project management positions in finance and administration at American Airlines, Lockheed Sunnyvale, State of California, U.S. Army Presidio San Francisco, and U.S. Air Force Sacramento. It's hard to keep abreast of the advancements that are taking place every week, and I am especially interested in the areas of this technology in the list below. I welcome your suggestions, referrals, and questions about your own interests. I will endeavor to find people who know these technologies and invite them to join us to share what they know. It's never too late to learn new stuff.

  • AI
  • 3d printing
  • Data breaches and hacking
  • VR and video/computer games
  • Quantum computing
  • Animation and graphics
  • Programming languages
  • State of the computing industry.
  • Alternative PC operating systems
  • Web based computing and the cloud
  • Smart appliances
  • Social media

    Ed Lynch