The President's Message

April 2018

by Lisa Toth, Acting President

Established 1987

Happy April to my CIPCUG friends I hope your Easter was a nice day spent with family and friends Andy's family is Slovak and Hungarian We have some traditional fare at holiday dinners I am learning how to make some of the dishes like beet relish and egg cheese The beet relish is primarily grated cooked beets and horseradish The egg cheese is like scrambled eggs pressed into a ball I have a cookbook that belonged to one of Andy's aunts, and I work from that It's always a great meal.

Our meeting this month included a presentation on Avast by Bob Gostischa Most people call him Bob G I enjoyed the presentation and was ready to go buy the product We talk a lot about security, and it is not overdoing it at all to have several options to choose from There will be more about the presentation later in the newsletter.

There were some very nice raffle prizes There were many winners, and few won more than one prize Sandy Gelso does a great job of shopping for prizes She searches for good sales and has done a great job for us Be sure to buy tickets when you come to the meetings Once again I am going to nag about needing a new president I've been "acting" for going on a year now We need someone to step up.

Have a great month, check out the FB page and listen to the internet radio show.

'til next time,

    Lisa Toth

    Acting President